Friday, August 28, 2009

Shortest 7 Quick Takes Ever

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I can't figure out how to center anything on this blog, except for pictures. I'm sure there's a way but I have no idea how. Also, Matt is irritated with my banner picture and thinks I should change it ('Its too big!' he whines every day, 'I have to scroll down so far.') So maybe a blog redesign will be in the works. Hmmm.
I cut all the children's hair yesterday. I really like cutting hair, I think. If the whole priest/mother/whatever else it is I do doesn't work out I think I'll go to beauty school.
We're trying orange peels as a deterrent against the cat pee (on the advice of my mother who knows so many interesting things). We eat oranges, and then we lay the peels all over the living room, white part up, and change them every day or so when they dry out. So far, NO CAT trouble. But that's only after 36 hours so we'll see. It looks odd, but it smells a vast deal nicer.
I went ahead at bought Prima Latina for myself. I mean, if the children Want to do it with me, that will be fine, but I figured, what better way to start learning Latin myself than to buy the first grade book. For the children we'll be seriously hammering out the Classical Conversations stuff, but I thought it might be helpful to work through the Prima Stuff myself quietly.
We have Four Horses on sticks but only 2 sleeping bags. I'm pretty sure that's why two children were crying this morning. One of them kept coming in and asking for his own sleeping bag. Meanwhile, the horses litter the floor. There's no reason to play with them, because then Everyone could play and no one could tattle and complain.
Matt and I moved out of the master bedroom and into the office (so that we can overnight company, and so that I can call it the Spare Oom) and I think its one of the best things we've ever done in our lives, besides having children and trying to do God's will etc. etc. I just LOVE it. I'll be hard pressed ever to move back up.
The result of living in the office means that we keep all of our clothes in the garage and all of Matt's shoes in a box under his desk. This means that there is always a trail of shoes all over the house, left there by Gladys who LOVES Shoes and comes in for a new pair every few hours. Something about the arrangement seems vaguely impermanent. I'm sure I'll be able to put my finger on it at some point. In the meantime, the house is ominously quiet which means Someone is Doing Something they Shouldn't be doing.


NC Sue said...

To center text on Blogger... When you're composing a new post, you'll see at the top of that box is a toolbar. Toward the middle of it you'll see three things side-by-side - one is a bunch of lines toward that left (that will left align text), one is a bunch of lined toward the right (which will right align text) and in the middle is one that had a bunch of lines in the middle, which will center text.

Highlight the text that you want to center and then click the button that has all of the lines in the middle.


NC Sue said...

PS - I hope Matt learns to scroll down, because I really like your picture at the top.

mcyoder said...

Prima Latina is great. If you can get a copy, try to read the Latin Centered Curriculum by Drew Campbell. It's a slightly different view on classical education that you might enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture the way it is, too. It's a beautiful photo. :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with Matt - picture is too big. You have to scroll down even to see if there's a new post.
O/wise, love the blog, and try to get here every day.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Matt. the picture is nice, but it is hard to see if there is a new blog entry without having to scroll down and sometimes it sticks!

Jason said...

Which Latin book are you using, and where did you get it? I want to start teaching myself Latin, but all the online resources I can find are written by grammer geeks and make my eyes go crosswise.

mcyoder said...

Since Anne hasn't had a chance to answer, Prima Latina is from Memoria Press.
It is actually written for children, but they have Latina Christiana I which I think would work for an adult even though it is written for children. I've been learning slightly ahead of my son and we started with Prima Latina.