Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You

Thank you all so much for praying. I am slowly emerging from a much needed nap. Not that sitting around a doctor's office all morning counts as work, but I felt rather like I had been on a longish airplane ride by the end.

The test is just what I thought it would be (since they told me what to expect) and I can say with grim satisfaction that it was just as awful as anticipated though no more awful. I should here back late this afternoon or tomorrow and go on from there.

So thank you, VERY Much.


Scarlett said...

I'm glad it's over for you. I've been a diabetic for 47 years. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old. One would think that the testing procedure would have improved over 47 years. Apparently not. :-( Hope you feel better tomorrow, :-)

Geri said...

I know that was not a fun day. You would think that all the needles would be the worst part, but women have told me that drinking that syrup is worse. Hope you had the opportunity to have a real nap. Hang in there with the potty training. Eventually it does happen.

Just found out that my neighbors were missionaries in Kenya for many years.

Anne Kennedy said...

You know, it is the sugar drink. The needles is annoying but the sugar drink--That's what I was deeply dreading, and not eating before hand. Matt brings me a whole tray of tea every morning so I'm caffined before my feet ever hit the floor, and skipping that was really awful. And then drinking 100 grams of pure sugar--its so vile.