Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I sat down five or six times to write yesterday and Every time I got through half a sentence the phone rang. Clearly, whatever I was thinking of to say was not preordained by God.

Today I am continuing the immense and satisfying work of sorting for the HUGE YARD SALE we're having August 15. Mark your calendars and come buy all my stuff. I got through the kitchen yesterday and now have place to put all the stuff I emptied out from a cabinet I had to give away. Today I'm facing the girls' room. They have a beautiful newly hung rod in their closet so I can finally put away all of their clothes.

On top of all this, I'm making a desperate attempt to potty train Romulus. We had a pretty good day yesterday. If I could time things just right with Gladys I think I could slip her in too, but so far having one naked child wandering the house is stressful enough.

So, in light of the fact that I have nothing interesting to write about myself, I thought I'd point you to this excellent post by Jessica, and this one by Jen, and this one by And Sometimes Tea. And, of course, you could check out this and this at Stand Firm. Hehehehehe. I always thought Paul left out a couple of words in his letter to Timothy. He meant to say, 'I don't permit that woman to speak in church, and that one over there, and that one, and maybe you and you.' Clearly Ms. Sherrod would have been on his list.


Anonymous said...

Anne, In training R put some cheerios in the toilet and let him try to hit them when he uses the toilet.

Anonymous said...


We highly recommend "toilet training in less than a day" by Dr. Azrin

Worked for our four little ones (though one took a weekend instead of a day).

You need to watch for signs that he's "ready" to train and you really need to set the entire day aside (someone else watching the other kids)... but it works.

Best wishes -
Positive Phototaxis

Anonymous said...
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