Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday on the Links

I'm not really awake enough to think. Maybe as the day goes on I'll HAVE to blog about something, but, just in case that doesn't happen, I thought I'd link all the things I've read this week that have been particularly interesting or lovely.

These posts by Jen at Conversion Diary are really moving.
When God Locks Doors
Undefeatable Joy

This interesting thread on health care at Stand Firm, particularly the comments.

This excellent article by Mark Steyn.

And This very nice visual, hat tip Jen.


R said...

That was quite timely- I was just reading the fanatical comments on the BBC article on the topic of population control.

Although I really wish I hadn't read the article about the NHS & maternity care. -_- The Daily Mail isn't known for being a reliable news source, however. Tends to be more tabloid-like than anything.
When my dad had his accident we went private rather than NHS in order to save his leg (they gave us the choice of amputation in a week's time, vs. next day surgery to save it by going private, tough choice). When first admitted to hospital they did leave him in a closet overnight without a call bell, water, anyone coming in to check on him, etc. The private ward later was wonderful. For minor things NHS is great, if it's anything serious you're better off going private. On the plus side, it was much cheaper going private here than it would've been in the US.


Anonymous said...

When I read the header I thought Wow!! Anne is taking up golf and hitting the links. LOL