Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Never Rains, as they say,

but it pours.

So we all set out happily to ballet this afternoon-Elphine in a purple leotard with tutu, pink tights, cowboy boots (her ballet shoes were in my purse), Gladys in a silvery sparkly twirl skirt that actually made her look a little bit like a thug, Romulus representing himself as SuperMatt (I'm not making this up, R really thinks its pronounced this way, and won't be corrected, no matter how often we try) although angry that we haven't been able to find the cape, and Aloysius covered in chocolate. We settled ourselves into the car, turned the dial to 104.9 because someone named Jack Abeelen preaches in that slot from Morning Side Christian something or other in CA (seriously, really good preacher). I backed carefully out of the drive, pulled onto Conklin Ave, was promptly totally and completely blinded by the afternoon sun and smacked into the car in front of me.

So, after much crying and gnashing of teeth, we all drove away basically unharmed. Elphine is still weepy about missing ballet. Matt is furrowed about the cost of fixing our car. Fortunately the other guy's car is covered by our insurance. And the policeman very kindly did not fault me, on account of the sun and commending me on my good use of Child Safety Seats.

Said Matt, gazing soulfully into my eyes, 'Anne, its ok. I love you more than this car.'
'Are you sure?' I said, 'because I feel terrible.'
'Yes' he said.


Perpetua said...


Matt's Mom said...

Matt's reminding me more and more of his father. They know what is really important. You conversation with him is almost exactly like one (or two!) we have had. They know what unconditional love is. I count Doug as my favorite blessing.

I'm so grateful you are all safe and unhurt. God will take care of the rest somehow. He always does.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about what happened, Anne, it could happen to anyone, and honestly does. The glare can be blinding at times.

I'm grateful that you all are well. I hope you're feeling better from the flu.

Joyce Carlson said...

Scary. Is Conklin more difficult to get onto safely, where you now are?
DO BE CAREFUL! This is your mother speaking.
On the other hand, everyone gets to have at least one accident with a car, and not everyone stupidly hits a parked car, like I did -- with my dad's car. (And he didn't yell at me at all.) But DO BE CAREFUL!

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I am so sorry, Anne. It is supremely inconvenient, yes, but, truly, Matt's right: You are more important than the car. And, accidents happen; that's why they're called accidents. Extending grace to others is easy; offering grace to ourselves when we mess up is the hard part.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like you are really in a time of testing. Glad you are all okay, but I know from experience how upsetting it can be. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


AmmaKate said...

What else can one say...all 5 of the comments before me are so correct!! The miracle is that all of you are still moving forward!! You two are the everready bunnies of the new Province!! You keep going and going ....with grace. Sending hugs, prayers and warmth from sunny Alabama.