Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Snow Lay on the Ground

Its snowing, beautifully and relentlessly, meaning, mercifully, that we couldn't go to CC as All the schools canceled. I say mercifully because I seem also, overnight, to have acquired a flu. I'm sitting here wrapped up in a large blanket considering that, as long as I don't throw up too often, we may as well do some math and English.

Yesterday, sometime very early in the morning (it really felt more like the middle of the night) I went over to the old house with a flashlight and blanket and a heater and staked out, hoping my cat would come back to me. He didn't unsurprisingly and now the house is permanently shut up and the keys turned over to the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York so I will have to finally put signs up around the neighborhood and call the paper.

Anyway, that's what we're about today.


Dr. Alice said...

Sorry not to have commented earlier - I have been away and am just catching up. It sounds as though you are all dealing with this with incredible grace and strength. I am glad to hear that you have the opportunity to buy this new church and that your parishoners are being so incredibly supportive. My prayers for your cat and I hope your flu resolves soon.

Carol said...

Dear Anne,
Hope you have just a touch of something and are better soon. I saw your new "do" on the GS blog pictures of the signing of the incorporation. Looks Great!
You are an inspiration to us all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne;

So sorry about your cat. I do pray that it is being well taken care of and people are just waiting for the signs to go up so Bander can be returned to you.

I know this is not the place, but I can't seem to find a better one. If you have digital lists of things you are finding you need for the church, i.e. like the Standfirm list, could you send them to me? As you know, we may be following in your footsteps in weeks, months or ????

You can just email me stuff and I will sift through. But, things that you just could have have thought about in advance would be helpful. Actually, it would be great for Standfirm to have an area set up for churches who find themselves in your shoes.

Your fellow catachist and traveler in this journey. Christie

Joyce Carlson said...

Kitty is now on my daily prayer list, because he is after all MY cat. But I need to remember that he's God's cat first of all. Made by God. Loved by God.
And God doesn't lose anything and doesn't carelessly throw anything away, especially the whole creation which is waiting for redemption along with all the rest of us.

Allison Elaine said...

Dear Mtr. Anne,

Take a deep breath. Your cat is probably no farther than 5 houses in any direction from your former home.

He is now thinking like a wild animal, and will probably hide, even from you, even though he knows and loves and trusts you. The odds are he will not come when you call. He could be hiding anywhere, and by anywhere I am mean anywhere. When you look for him at night, use a flashlight. Because he is now thinking like a wild animal, you may have to use a humane trap- yes, even though he knows and loves and trusts you - to bring him home.

Cats are crepuscular - most active at dawn and dusk. So put his own blanket or bed and a dish of food right by the front door of the house, or the door he went out; something that has your scent on it would be helpful.

He may show up at meal time looking perfectly innocent. I know you don't own the house, and can't get inside, but the odds are that the realtor is not eager to have a starving cat inside the house, or haunting the outside, and should be willing to cooperate. So set this out at night, if necessary, and remove it in the morning, or before the realtor has prospects.

Posters should have pictures and preferably be printed on eye-catching paper - the orange, yellow, or green that highway workers wear. Call the local vets and animal shelters.

This web site gives the best advice I have found for finding a cat based on his history - indoor/outdoor, indoor only, and so on.

Good luck and let us know when you find him.