Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Matt rustled up a TV so we can watch the Superbowl. After kind of a rough few weeks, we're sitting here Very comfortably arguing about whether or not to leave said TV in the living room. Its one of our favorite arguments, and depending on the state of things, we frequently switch sides in the middle.

Adding to the warm glow was the gift of an Amazing Ham by a local nun. And when I say Amazing, I mean butter-like, bone in, perfect crust.

And 112 people came to church this morning! Had we not roped off fully half of the church, it would have felt disappointingly small (the church seats 400), but because everyone clustered up at the front, it felt packed, because it was.

Let's just be frank, its a Beautiful Church. The light is lovely, the wood work is lovely, the acoustics are lovely. God is so amazing.

In the coming days I hope to finally get to that long lost tag, and also to write two list like posts-one on What's been Really Tough, and one on What's Been Really Amazing.


Joyce Carlson said...

Finally I've gotten blogspot to work, so with my very sore, abcessed finger, here's lots of love from ME. Wishing, as so very often, that we were there. But since not, I guess I'll get out of this office and go soak my finger in hot salt water and take the next round of antibiotics. It all comes from messing about among the roses in the garden without garden gloves, and then thinking that if one ignores the problem it will just go away, and then finally trying to dig out what I suspect is a piece of rose thorn with a needle. You wanted to know all this, n'est-ce pas?
xoxoxoox ME

AmmaKate said...

Thanks be to God.

R said...

Hooray! Lots of people!

The TV is evil and should be banished from the livingroom. ;) Hehehe.

We keep getting threatening letters from the telly police, which amuses me to no end as we don't have one, and have written (AND PHONED) to inform them of this, but they don't seem to care much. :D

Oh, amazingly we have actual SNOW here. The nation has ground to a halt.

Love you all!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, so glad you can delight in the new church building!

I do pray your cat is found.

Can't wait to see your lists!