Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Crowd Pleasing Supper: Turkey Meatballs, Pasta and Broccoli

Turkey Meat Balls
1 pound ground turkey (although I am never going to buy only one pound again as it was all eaten and there are no leftovers, blast it all)
3 tbs breadcrumbs
1 tbs ground sage
1 egg
mush the turkey, breadcrumbs and spices all together and roll into little bite sized balls, brown (I used my nice pancake pan and did them all at one go)
for the sauce
1 onion minced
2 tbs garlic infused olive oil (time saver)
3 large mushrooms diced
brandy (I didn't measure, I just sort of splashed it about)
1 cup stock
1 tbs flour
fresh sage
saute the onion in the garlic olive oil, add the mushrooms, fresh sage and sweat for another minute, add the browned meatballs and stock and let simmer for a while (about the time to put pasta in boiling water, madly chop up broccoli, kiss three screaming children who have been running laps and smacked into each other, answer the phone and pat the dog)
finish with a 2 tbs of butter, a liberal splash of cream, the flour to thicken, bring back to a boil and then pour it in a pretty bowl.


chopped up in no regular way, thrown in a pan with olive oil, butter, salt, as its browning and spitting, add a drizzle of cream and shove it in a bowl.

Romulus ate 7 meatballs, one after another without breathing, and the others finished them off while we talked about Pompeii, Mount St. Helen's and other things that blow up and burn (including John Huss), can you tell we're memorizing the Veritas/Classical Conversations Timeline?

And because its only 7pm and the children are ready for bed, all the laundry is done, the house is pristine, the kitchen is clean, and ice is raining from the sky All The Children are going to bed and Matt and I are going to finish our weekend bottle of wine in quiet and read to each other out of his new fantastic New International Commentary on the Old Testament. So Romantic.

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Zana said...

Oh, yummmm. I was going to do meatloaf tonight, but I just may change my plans. 8-D