Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Morning Fog

After being all discouraged about cleaning, turns out I was really coming down with a cold-a big walloping, life wrecking cold, one so awful I missed going to a Catechesis training day, missed everything else I could have done by not going, missed my own mind, really, and ended up even taking cold medicine (after having had to sign my name in a special book and showing my ID).

I'm still in a relative stupor.
BUT I'm starting school tomorrow, cold or no cold, and very excited about it. So are the children, surprisingly. I was gratified to find them shocked by the children in Sunday School who don't like school.
'Why?' they were incredulous.
'Because its boring' said the other kid.
'Why?' they wanted to know.
'I don't know, it just is' said the other kid.

I've rearranged the school room again, and I'm probably going to rearrange the living room again. And more stuff is going in the basement, anything that doesn't have a place. I'm so thankful that Christmas is over. We NEED and long for a routine.


Dr. Alice said...

Is New York so tough on pseudoephedrine that you have to sign your name in a book??

i did not know that.

Regardless, sorry about your cold and I hope you are feeling better. I meant to make your recipe of roast turkey breast on a bed of mushrooms and onions and spinach that you posted a couple New Year's Eves ago but have not yet done so - I plan to make it later this winter when I have a little more time.

You probably heard that the Calif. Anglican churches lost their case, which makes me sad, but they have strong congregations and I know they will come through regardless.

I hope school goes well.

Geri said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. I hope you are better by today. When you have time and feel like it, I would love your recipe for Yorkshire pudding.

Anne Kennedy said...

Thanks for all the well wishing. I'm MUCH better. I will try and post that Yorkshire pudding at the same time I post the Persimmon pudding which I hope to do after getting permission from my Grandmother.