Friday, January 02, 2009

So on that Note

and because its nearly supper time and all the children are getting tetchy and Matt choose This moment to go on a walk, I thought I would blog about
let's see
is there anything worth blogging about? Because really, all I've been doing for the last week is cleaning and then cleaning again and then cleaning, all the time trying to declutter and refunction the house.

I used to be really clean. I didn't have too much stuff. I wasn't married to Matt. I couldn't think when my bed wasn't made and things weren't in place. I thought of myself as a together and functioning person.

Now I still can't think when my bed isn't made and things aren't in place but I have to do it anyway.

So that's all I've been doing. I want to start school again on Monday and so I'm trying to get order back into the innards of the house. Pretty boring.

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badman said...

Actually this isn't boring at all. It is very interesting.

We all feel like this at times. It is to do with having kids. They get more numerous, and older, and we have more and more to cope with. Luckily, the burden gets heavier gradually, so we have some time to adjust. (We parents are like Hercules who carried a calf every day so he was strong enough even when it was full grown; he could not have carried the bull full grown straight off.)

But it's still a big challenge and you should be proud of meeting it; not disheartened by facing it.

The other thing is that you are being very ambitious. You have a family, you have a job, you are home schooling. No wonder, in weaker moments, you struggle. We all do. But it's still impressive. So well done you.