Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday in Review

Almost ready to pack up and go to the hotel. Matt and I are sharing a cord back and forth, as our batteries dwindle. We've had a pretty good day-excellent talk in the morning in my group by Edith Humphrey. I took notes all by hand so I don't know when I'll get them online, if ever. The afternoon we went to the Ophel Gardens for Evening Prayer and more formal Pilgrimage pictures. We meant to go into the Old City with the tour and see Christ Church and the Holy Sepulcher but we entered into a deeply frustrating and movie like experience of repeatedly missing each other in the crowds trying to find the tour buses leading us to deeply recriminate against each other in front of famous and important people loudly in the lounge. We were forced to have a cup of tea and take the late bus just for prayer.

This evening I went quietly to hear the focus topic (see live blog below) while Matt kept the baby. Very Refreshing.
So we are going to sleep while you are all waking. Today, as you work and play and do every good thing, Pray for GAFCON! Pray for the Anglican Communion!

Notes to my mother

Well, mommy, I've just said hello to Professor Sanneh, at great personnel embarrassment. I very much felt like when Auntie Kay insisted that I go say hello to Franklin Graham because she had been to Wheaton with his father.
Also, would you like a big floating light colorful Israeli wrap skirt or a pillow cushion or some kind of hanging? Or something that I haven't even thought of. I'm going shopping tomorrow. Also, Gadget Vicar has been very cuddling Gwendolyn and was honored to do so.

Pictures from Monday
(not as many as I wanted because its so !!! slow downloading pictures)
Bishops on the Mount of Olives

Gwendolyn in the Garden of Gethsemene. She should be weeping but instead she is rejoicing in...I don't know. The sun? The power of the Holy Spirit? Her fabulous hat.


Jill C. said...

Aw! She looks so sweet. :)
She is rejoicing that her parents are teaching her about Jesus! And that she got to accompany them to the place where He once walked.

At A Hen's Pace said...



Joyce Carlson said...

I would love a skirt, or WHATEVER. Just not anything too tight or too small or too horrid! Nothing, in other words, like the Dress Disaster I was moaning over in my last letter.
x0x00x ME

Joyce Carlson said...

OR, what a great idea from you -- some kind of hanging.! I currently have very high ceilings and terribly white walls.
Something to hang on the walls rather than hang on me?

Joyce Carlson said...

Even though you DID promise me a piece of the True Cross.

ottorinophc said...

in the meanwhile things are well at good shepherd mostly!

just figured you'd want to know...or would you happily forget us here?

*tears up*

Kellie said...

Yeah. You guys didn't happen to go on a side trip to Bethsaida today, did you? We've got triple the usual bread donation for Shepherd's Bowl (we got Panera's as well as Giant's), so much bread that I can't help wondering whether Long John Silver's will call to offer their extra fish. If that happens, should we throw open the doors to the county, put people in groups of fifty, and have Micah preach stuff? :-D

Lots of love from Good Shepherd.

Anonymous said...

Tell Matt to give you some time on the internet to post your observations and reflections. we miss your views.