Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just the Ten of Us

Needless to say, I'm not reading anything, let alone Rob Bell. There's been meals to sort out, and disputes to settle, and children to make clean up their rooms, and naps to enforce, and every manner of dishes to keep going, plus laundry. I finally counted up yesterday and found that there are seven children in this house, of varying ages. Our friend and her daughters are very comfortable (well, as comfortable as they can be away from home), and getting their homework done and keeping up with their regular pace of life. And E and A and have So Much Fun playing all day with the youngest, M. They are all going to the zoo today, but of course its raining, so we'll see.


r said...

That definitely qualifies as a full house! :) Wish I was there.

I went yesterday to a tiny Methodist Free chapel with all of eight people in it. It was fun, but true to form I managed to pick the one Tuesday out of all the Tuesdays when they have a member's meeting instead of the usual Biblestudy. So we talked about paint, curtains and carpeting and ended with 'a quarter of an hour' of prayer. :)


Joyce Carlson said...

Wouldn't Grandma Lander have been proud of you if she could know. But of course, there were only two adults in that house, an eight kids to deal with. What's your PROBLEM???!!!