Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Driving home in the torrential and terrifying rain last night, I had one of those momentary and unrelated inklings that many years ago my dad was the speaker for my high school graduation from ICA, a place no longer in existence in the form I remember. I think, I'm not sure, but I think he talked about seeing with different kinds of lenses. I remember more that my class easily chose him as our speaker because he was interesting, articulate, a little bit rebellious, and not likely to embarrass me in any way, which he didn't.

The next important event at which he spoke (well, there may have been other ones, but the most important for me) was my wedding. At that occasion he placed many Senefo blessings on us (me and Matt), all of which, apparently, have worked (we have lots of children, we have a filthy house...).

If you want to hear him preach these days, make your way as best you can to St. Francis in the diocese of All Saints in Nairobi, and look at the preaching schedule. It will be well worth the thousands of dollars you pay in air fair and travel insurance.

Happy Father's Day

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Polly said...

Love God and do as you please - that's what I remember him telling our class at graduation. I think he caused near strokes in many of the good Baptists in the audience. Which, in my opinion, is awesome.