Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lay Over, without the Laying

Blogger looks cool in Czeck (I am sitting here and I do not know how to spell it) but this keyboard is crazy. I cannot find how to do an apostrophe. Heh.

So I had a whole lot of things I wanted to write, but I do not think I have the mental capabilities to figure out how to type it all, at this time. Instead, I am going to take my dubious cup of warm tepid tea, well, tea is not the word I am groping for, and go write it all out by hand so that when I can type, I will not forget what I was planning to say.

Of course, baby has now collapsed in exhaustion after diligently staying awake for the last seven hours. She will get a nice restful nap in preparation for the next flight, while I wander around awake.

Later today, in Jerusalem. Exclamation Point.


Joyce Carlson said...

Are there yet?
Me praying like crazy that you all land with your feet on the ground and have a wonderful -- a Gorgeous -- time.
Jealously. ME

Joyce Carlson said...

Actually, I meant to say, "Are YOU there yet?" It's 3.35 p.m. my time, in Nairobi, which is the same time zone as Jerusalem, so I should think you are looking for luggage or a taxi, or something. Tell me all about it!

Shawn/mom said...

Glad to know you are safely in Jerusalem. All is well here. I hope you three can get some rest to catch up on time. I tried to call the kiddos but no one answered my voice so I am sure they are off having fun and I will try later. Love to you all.