Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally, a moment Online

Matt and I have been engaged in Intermarriage Blog Wars since we met up with each other in the airport yesterday (and what an airport! I would happily live the rest of my life just in the airport). As soon a we got into this room he dropped everything and has been blogging persistently and selfishly ever since. I was forced to take a long and restful bath, arranged and unpack and watch David Jeremiah preach a long and depressing sermon about Sampson and Delilah.

Matt has already described the beautiful drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (I'm not going to link him, for personal reasons, heh). I was distracted from looking out the window by talking to interesting people. We are on the 10th floor of the very interesting Moriah (honestly, I don't know how to spell it) Gardens Hotel next door to the main conference hotel. When we arrived (at 7pm in the evening) they didn't have a room ready for us so we struggled our way down into the bowels of the hotel with stroller, luggage, baby, shedding little bits of baby food and baby pacifiers out of my wrecked carry on. There were all sorts of interesting looking salads and meats and a vast array of dessert and then, in the room next to us, a raucous Shabbat service carrying on (there was actually another Shabbat service going on upstairs in the lobby with a Rabbi shouting at one or two listeners while children ran around screaming and adults talked to each other, doing their best, it seems, to ignore the Rabbi). We tried everything and then finally made our way up to this very nice room with a Very Nice View.

Now we are wandering around in a stupor trying to get ready for church. Matt is recriminating against me for not packing his coffee. I am recriminating against myself forgetting the One Top I intended to bring and bringing all the other ones I didn't really need.

After church we will try and register and pursue some shops and then everything kicks off this evening. Forthcoming, though belated, are my thoughts about the parenting style of the people next to me on the Flight from JFK to Prague.

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Jill C. said...

Looking forward to reading your comments about the parenting styles of the people next to you on the plane! ;)