Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

The day is not over. So it is not too late for me to wish my own beloved mother a happy birthday. I won't say how old she is today only that she is Very Young to have so many grandchildren...a child-grandmother practically. I'm spending the week looking for a "piece of the True Cross" to send along as a birthday present. You would be surprised at how many True Cross pieces there seem to be for sale around here.


Anonymous said...

A miracle like the loaves and fishes? lol

Joyce Carlson said...

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. I'm trying not to feel old, even though I'm hobbling around from bashing my broken toe one more time.
But yesterday your dad brought me flowers on my early morning teatray before we rushed off to church.
And then we went to All Saints Cathedral in downtown Nairobi for an afternoon concert. You won't believe how beautiful the organ at All Saints is, and how amazingly well it is played by Alenga Luvai, who is also dean of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music. On the program was music by Holst, Handel, Rutter, Mozart and Mganga. Choral music sung by the two main choirs of the cathedral. And we got to sing various wonderful hymns.
Then we went to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner with a couple of friends. Missed you, and wished you were here. On the other hand, I'm so glad you are having this amazing time in Jerusalem.
Tons of love and missing you like crazy, ME

Jill C. said...

Happy belated birthday, Anne's Mum, from one youthful grannie to another! ;)