Friday, June 06, 2008

Plans for the Future

We have fabulous plans for the weekend. E, G and I are going to get up very early tomorrow morning and drive 5 (or 6) hours to DC to the wedding of my very wonderful and fabulous friend.

We picked out clothes to wear. I'm going to wear a really classy black dress from Target. Probably it will merit a picture. E picked out a black dress to match (she likes to match) but it was heavy and velvet and Christmassy. We fretted all morning. At 10:45 the postman came and needed a signature for a box which, miraculously, overflowed with fancy dresses TWO of which had matching doll dresses to go with them. E tried everything on. When the baby wakes up we're going to try everything on her and see what's best. All this fanciness is the thought and care of Matt's intelligent and wise mother Who Knows, in the depths of her heart, what a fancy dress means for an important occasion.

And then Sunday morning we'll get up at 4 and drive home in time for the Church Picnic. Its practically like Christmas, this weekend.

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Shawn, Mimi said...

I think that box came at just the right time, and God knew when better than we did. What a happy time you must be having getting ready for a "Girls' Night out"! Have a great adventure and I will be waiting for Emma's moment by moment replay of the wedding! I know you will all look just beautiful.