Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early to Bed. Early to...never mind

Its only 8pm but basically I'm ready to go to sleep for the night. I'm down in VA for a Classical Conversations Practicum/Tutor training. I've got Baby with me, an enormous freezer bag full of food, a scratchy and unsatisfying pen, a new pair of glasses and Kellie's life saving GPS. After all the dubious things I said about the GPS last week, I have found it a redeeming grace today. It actually directed me out of traffic and through a parking lot, Amazing.

CC is turning out to be very interesting and intense. I hope I will be able to live up to it.

So, perhaps, tomorrow I will be able to say something. In the present moment, I will now be going to sleep.


Anonymous said...

CC is an interesting program...and is definitely one "approach" to classical schooling. The book written by the woman who started CC is very good, and well worth reading. I really like the fact they go until 6th grade with their Foundation/Essentials. I think the WTM can push a little too hard, stopping the Grammar Stage at 4th grade. I am going to be incorporating part of the CC program into our curriculum next year. There is a lot of good discussion about CC on the message boards by some experienced CC tutors. Just "search" Classical Conversations....

I have another suggestion for you, if you can get to that part of VA again...There is a good homeschooling conference coming up the weekend of July 11-12. If you can't get to that (or even if you can)....go to and download some of the MP3's of the HEAV (Home Educators of Virginia) Conference talks/teaching sessions. The downloads are $3.50 each, but are full hour sessions....and there were some OUTSTANDING ones......very informative, especially if you are just starting the homeschooling process!

Jill C. said...

I am reading your blog. (Per your Facebook comment.) And who's to say you're not wise? (Healthy is important. Wealthy? Eh, it's overrated!)

Kerry said...

We just finished up our Practicum here in NC (Charlotte), too. It was exhausting, wasn't it? And I'm an experienced CC'er! I came home with lots of ideas to mull over, how about you?