Friday, June 20, 2008

Traveling Mercies

Trying desperately to jam my small travel teapot into my bag even though it wasn't on the list of suggested things to bring. All the children weeping and weeping. So difficult now that some of them are sentient but still enable to conceptualize time. At Matt's direction, will be buying internet connections whenever possible. Blogging, hopefully, will be constant and enthralling.

Pray for me! I'm flying in the air, which is ridiculous for human beings to attempt, given that we are not birds. I'm going to spend more than 24 hours with an 8 month old baby who thinks she can walk and should be walking all the time, and one who has a powerful set of lungs for her surprisingly tiny body. What a good time we are all going to have.

Tomorrow in Jerusalem!


Shawn(mom) said...

as you know I am praying for the three of you to have an uneventful, even joyful, flight. I will call my grandbabies today to be sure they are okay. Goodbyes are always the worst part of parting and then they will start THEIR holiday too.
What a wonderful opportunity has been given to y'all and I am also praying for your time there. God Has chosen to take you there and will bless this time for the Anglican Church and for you.
Love, Mom

Dr. Alice said...

Good luck, have a wonderful time and I hope you get to see some of the wonderful sights of Jerusalem while you're there.

Geri said...

Have a marvelous trip. I hope you have allowed a couple of days for you and Fr. Matt to just be tourists. Take lots of pictures, and blog as much as you can. I hope that Baby is good for you.

Jane R said...

Remember that plugs are not the same in all countries. You may have to buy a converter plug. But they do make tea in Israeli hotels so you will be fine.