Thursday, January 24, 2008


Thrown off course today by the early news that the church had been broken into during the night. Matt chucked his morning routine and went over by 8 to find sections of the building ransacked-the offices, the votive/prayer candle stand, the coke machine, various closets, the safe. Amazingly, whoever it was didn't take Anything except the check book, and I'm pretty sure some few odd dollars of birthday money. But two windows were broken and all the paper and drawers dumped out in the office. Its going to take a while to clean up. I'm most sad about votive stand.


Dr. Alice said...

What an absolute bummer. Very sorry to hear this but glad that no one was hurt and that no severe long-term damage was done to the building.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, South Haven, Michigan said...

We had a series of break-ins last year at our church. Your parish will be in our prayers this week.

Jane R said...

So sorry. Very distressing -- it feels like such a violation when this happens. It is a violation.

At least there wasn't much damage and no humans were physically harmed.