Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Evening Amy Carmichael

page 66

I refuse to allow one who is dear to
me to suffer for the sake of
if I do not see such suffering as the
greatest honor that can be
offered to any follower of the
then I know nothing of Calvary love.



Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

Anne - I came across this poem in book format last year. I loved it so much I promptly snatched up everyone the store had and passed them out to my friends.

So convicting and challenging!

Karen said...

Since just before New Year's I've been rereading Amy Carmichael's "Gold Cord" which outlines the founding principles and vision of the Donhurvur Mission.

It's been so challenging -- particularly the story of how the Lord led the Indian Christian women who worked with Amy and her colleagues to give up their jewels, even though it meant suffering & scorn. A very very powerful illustration of what a life lived focused on pleasing God looks like, being willing to bear suffering scorn & shame in this world, all that Christ's glory may shine the brighter. To call it deeply sobering reading doesn't begin to do it justice... and this is more in the same mold. Thanks.