Tuesday, January 15, 2008

kitchen day

I have been making weekly batches of bread in my trusty and beloved Kitchen Aid for the last 5 years. Thing is, I've been overloading the poor thing such that bits are falling off and the motor is running very hot. And then on top of that I lost the dough hook on Thanksgiving. So in the spirit of charity and good will, and because he hasn't gotten me a birthday or Christmas present in the last few years, Matt agreed to a beautiful 6 quart cinnamon red professional grade standing kitchen aid mixer.

So, A and I made cookies this morning in the old one in honor and memorium. And I will probably make bread in it one more time before the new one comes, just for nostalgia's sake.

And I also have soup going in my fine new Christmas slow cooker-white beans, green beans, fresh thyme, ham, stock and finely chopped potato. I'm having a hard time not standing eating it right out of the cooker. And I'm going to make whole wheat biscuits to go with it.

The slow cooker has been fabulous-ESPECIALLY for Sundays. For the last 5 years we've come back from church and eaten cereal if we've eaten anything. Or I think once I made guacamole. But basically its cereal after church. Except for the last three Sundays when I've put, at 6 in the morning, stock, garbanzo beans, sweet potato, canned tomato, curry powder, frozen corn, carrots, and green pepper all together, oh, and lightly sauteed onion and garlic, in the slow cooker and let it go all morning, so that when we got back from church there it was. So delicious. So much better than cereal. We've actually sat down at the table together, before all collapsing for naps.

So now I'm going to reorganize the freezer. Merry Christmas.


Jen said...

bread dough recipe, please!

Joyce Carlson said...

If I hadn't been having regular doses of apple pie, and if I weren't about to go home from the office and make lemon tarts for the people coming to my house for dinner tonight, I would be unable to cope after reading about all the food coming out of your kitchen.
I need to go home and roast a chicken too. It was going to be tarragon chicken, a la Nigella, but there was no fresh tarragon in the shops today, which is really not a wonder, since Nairobi is going through another day of extremely fraught political demonstrations. Still, NO FRESH TARRAGON? What is the world coming to?
Actually, you could pray for all the people in Kenya tonight who are having a hard time finding even enough to put ugali and sukuma wiki on the table for dinner.

Anne Kennedy said...

Are you really heading home? I just posted like 6 times (maybe not that many).
The soup, by the way, was delicious. There wasn't any left over. I went around and ate all the left overs out of the chidlren's bowls when they were done. So now I have to go exercise. Bother.