Sunday, January 27, 2008

Prayer Request

If you have a moment, pray for Matt who will be traveling tomorrow (by air, which makes me so nervous) and for the rest of us who will be without him for a week. Fortunately, my kiddos are wonderful and helpful (except for R, whose mission in life right now is to undo everything that has been done). But we will miss him very much. Also, he's taking my computer cord, so I may not be blogging much till Wednesday when my new one is supposed to arrive. Thanks so much.


Kellie said...

As I played with Emma this afternoon, Aedan and Madison ran around the nursery, pretending to do battle (Madison with one of those baby bottles from the service, used as a pretend squirt gun; Aedan whipping a blanket around). Overheard when Madison left: Aedan calling to her, "Thanks for fighting me!"

So he's not just helpful, he's apparently polite. :-D

Dr. Alice said...

Will pray for Matt that he have no lost luggage and no delayed flight. [g]

And, all kidding aside, a safe trip.

Matt's Mom said...

I prayed this morning both for Matt's safe trip and a blessed week for you and the children. I really like your new design. The church is very picturesque.
I'll be praying all week for all of you and that God's presence will be known at the meetings Matt is attending. Love, Shawn