Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rolling a Stone Up a Hill

Yesterday, having intended to do something else (like plan for Sunday School and clean the house) I dragged all the children's clothes out of their cupboards for the seasonal sort. With four kids, slightly off season, I have bins and bins and bins of clothes. A and R are 2 years apart so that I haven't had time to put that much away. Basically R is just shoved into A's big clothes (he's short, but pudgy, so we just roll up the pants and let him go, he's always taking everything off anyway right now). But there's five years between E and G and so that requires serious digging through the attic for unmarked boxes of clothes I was stupid enough to through up there. It took me the whole day, basically, to get through everything and reorder it. But this time, instead of sending it all back up to the attic, I've socked away, in cupboards both this winter, this summer and actually next fall as well for the littles. So now really all that remains of my serious house sorting are the toys, Matt's clothes and my memorabilia/nostalgia cupboard wherein I throw things without sorting them (always a bad idea). I've given myself through February to get all this done, but its weighing on my mind. I'd just like to get it over with.

I'm sure its a little nuts, all this sorting and purging. Matt would just like me to ignore it and go on with general house upkeep. But if I don't handle it now it will only get worse. So that's what I was doing Friday. For an accounting of what I did Thursday, check back later for pictures.

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