Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Prayer Required

Thank you to all of you who have been praying. Matt arrived at his destination safe and sound. We are coping here at home. I even got over to the church for a bit today to rearrange some furniture. Tomorrow I'm still intending to get into the kitchen and bake some various things.

But, I do covet your prayers for my parents who work at NEGST in Nairobi. Up to this point they have been fairly safe and out of the way. But the violence has been encroaching and security, though unarmed, has been 'beefed up'. There are more and more horrifying stories of the ethnic violence going on-people running desperately for their lives from gangs of people with machetes and so on. PLEASE PRAY.

Not too long ago my parents were evacuated from Ivory Coast when civil war broke out there. They are 'accustomed' to life in heated political climates but no amount of experience makes it easier (or safe). It is very difficult to be stuck and to be praying desperately every day for the safety of friends who have to travel through town, friends who live in the Kibera slum, and friends and faculty on the NEGST campus who are being threatened.

And of course, if you could continue to pray for Anglican and All Christian Leaders to be able to bring pressure to bear and help end the violence.
Thank You. Thank You.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your parents at this time. Having done mission work in Sierra Leone, I have unfortunately seen first hand the pain and havoc wreaked by such violence and unrest. The situation deserves, at the very least, our prayers for all in harm's way, and all who worry over loved ones who are potentially exposed to danger. I had always thought Kenya to be among the more stable countries in Africa, and it is a shame to see what is happening there now.

-From The Other Side of the Aisle

Joyce Carlson said...

THANK YOU for all your prayers for Kenya.
All quiet on campus this morning. Just a lot of tired, jittery people tucking into their breakfasts of chai and mandazis.
You might be glad to know that a lovely pale yellow rose unfolded in my garden during the night, and a deep red rose is about to spread out and throw perfume all over the place.
On the other hand, in Kibera, Kawangware, and in Dagoretti close by us, there are serious prolems and bodies turning up every day, and all the gardeners and maids from poor areas are anxiously wondering if they dare go home at night. What a mess! ME

Anne Kennedy said...

Mommy, all my emails to you are bouncing. What am I doing wrong? So frustrating.

Summersnow said...

It will be my privilege to pray for your parents and for Kenya. Wycliffe is close to our hearts as some friends are M's with that organization. They also spent their early years in the IC, although they are stateside now.


Joyce Carlson said...

about emails. Hmmm. I had trouble with my Microsoft Outlook box, and I could receive, but not send. I don't know what's going on. So try my negst box.

Ann said...

Prayers for your parents and all in harm's way. And for your future wherever it takes you.