Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have lots of things to do, like photograph and post a lot of little pictures, and figure out how to use Shutterfly or whatever its called, and paint a backdrop for the Flight into Egypt, and finish the bulletin, and put all the laundry away and vacuum the house, BUT, I am also busily making a trifle, and one of my own invention based on what I have in my pantry. Basically, upon completion, it will be

yellow/lemony birthday cake cut in thick strips
ginger and rum sauce
whipped cream
all layered together in my fancy and extremely cheep new trifle bowl from the Christmas Tree Shop (bought on the last day with employee discount)

and I've invited the whole world over to see and admire it on Sunday after church. I'll also take pictures, because its so thrilling.


Mrs. Falstaff said...

My mum always made it with shortcake or ladyfingers, raspberries and sherry - yours sounds yummy, too.

Anonymous said...

A west coast relative would be glad to see your photos via e-mail. CD still missing.

Dr. Alice said...

Yay, this sounds fabulous. I would love to hear your recipe or estimation of same (we all know how it goes when one is throwing something together) when you are done.