Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Ok, so I just posted a bunch. Should have spread it out over several days, but who knows if I'll have time the rest of the week. I am now going to put this nice warm computer down, and do some serious cleaning and letter writing and phone call making and try to catch up a little, just a very very little. And I'm going to try and play with A. He has put on a Bob the Builder outfit with a knight in shining armor tunic over that and then a breast plate over that, plus helmet, shield and sword. And he's scowling at me and asking for chocolate. So, enough blogging.

AND, because I know I've been a huge disappointment to those who profess to love me and therefore require pictures (Grandma and Grandpa) I'm Trying, I really really am. I've been wildy taking pictures and putting them on cd's and things and I have them sitting here to mail. Thing is, I haven't been able to face the idea of the post office with 4 kids, or even 3 or even just R, or R and the baby. Every time I start to get everyone dressed to go out, I start to moan gently to myself and feel very sad and 3 or 4 excuses leap to mind of other things to do. So, today I'm checking out Snap Fish, Flickr and Shutterfly and trying to see if that will be a doable option. Not to say that I won't get to the post office, its just, well, gasp, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, hopefully pictures tonight.


GGPa said...

Anne: I'm having a difficult time getting this comment posted.

You need follow your Grandmother and I'm sure your your Mother when you are faced with the problem of getting sometime mailed under adverse conditions. Just say to your husband, 'Honey, would you please mail these on your way to work today. Thanks!"

Do this sweetly or not. It has always worked with me.

Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Anne - As one who has heard more "Where's the pictures?" complaints than I care to admit, I have a few suggestions -

1 - request that any who want pictures provide you with self-addressed, stamped envelopes big enough to handle the media they prefer - and with adequate postage. And remember there is nothing wrong with sending an exposed roll of film for the recipient to have printed themselves.
2 - Digital is fabulous and Walgreens is great. You can download from your camera to the store and order what you want. so can your relatives. :)
3 _ Of course Snapfish and the others have the same service. I like Walgreens and Walmart because I can run down and pick up prints if I'm in the mood to do so AND Walgreens gives you free prints in exchange for empty toner cartridges.
4 - All the services will provide prints on CD if you like. I pay the extra buck and get a small print out of what's on the cd to paste to the outside of the holder.
5 - I started sending off arts and crafts projects (those masterpieces) to relatives once a month. It delighted them and freed up fresh frig space for the latest creations.
Anyone who really wants pictures and stuff should not have a problem providing you with the means to do so. You're doing a great job keeping it together. God Bless.


At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Anne--

Let me know what your research on Snapfish, Flickr and Shutterfly turns up! I'm trying to figure something out too, for photo storage. Sounds like maybe Walgreen's is a good option as well, according to your previous commenter.