Friday, September 07, 2007

Update on Change of Plans

Well, I'm really too hot and tired to blog. The computer is too hot. Everything is too hot and sticky. We're waiting for another storm to roll in and while we wait I continue to sin against God and my neighbors in the vast area of having a very very short temper and being less and less able to cope with any adversity at all. I've been reading other women post about how gracious God has been in giving them patience in the care and nurture of their children, but even just reading posts about patience puts me in a bad temper.

So, thank heaven's! my mother arrived safe and sound, just in the nick of time. She's exhausted with jet lag and surprised also by the heat, I think, but full of patience and all good things, including chocolate, and small wooden Swedish horses and a real genuine Malian Balafon for A (pictures forth coming-I know I keep promising that).

All I want to say tonight, is THANK YOU, all of you who prayed for our friend. He was released from the hospital today, in tact, better even, than before, with a long road of recovery ahead of him, but SAFE and Sound. Thank you. Part of the reason I haven't posted all week is because Matt and I have been over to see him a few times and have been fielding calls of inquiry about his well being. God is good and we're so grateful.

So now, really, this keyboard is too hot for words. I'm going to shove away this large furry cat (Seriously, Micah, come get your cat, four hot cats is TOO MANY) and go lie in front of the fan.


Frair John said...

I am so glad to here that he is okay!
Don't you guys have AC? If not, Target is running a good slae on window units. The thought of Pregnant and hot is just unbarable.

Anne Kennedy said...

Thanks so much for the prayers and kind thoughts. We do have a unit in our bedroom, and Matt (with the gracious assent of the vestry, who is footing the bill) leaves it going on hot days and blows a fan down out of the room onto me lying on the couch, whereby, if I don't move to much, I'm able to keep cool. Unfortunately, in the humidity, the past few days, the heater inside seemed much stronger than the airconditioning/fan without. Today is much better. Thanks so much.