Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Home Front

Matt got off safely this morning, and arrived safely mid afternoon, in New Orleans, despite my usual horrifying night before dreams about air travel and whether or not it is really safe. I've spoken to him sternly three times already about the lack of news so far. I have been reading various threads all day but am longing to hear something real rather than speculative.

My mom and I are doing our best to hold things together here. We discovered, today, that a household really needs a man. All the children are in out and out rebellion, testing everything to see if the rules still apply.

After having eaten broccoli without any fuss many times before, this evening, faced with ONE small broccoli tree each, they gagged and whined and wanted to go to the bathroom, and fussed and then A finally decided to have his for breakfast. It was perfectly ridiculous. Hopefully, having won tonight, tomorrow will be a bright new and happy day.

So, we are hitting refresh at Stand Firm but will probably go to bed early and try to regain some sanity.

Oh, and Matt, I walked Maggie AND brushed her, and gave her her pill and patted her, and she still is looking at me like I am a Bad Thing. Also, I couldn't get her leash/collar off. I had to loosen it and pull it over her head. Does it always jam so badly? I hope you will have plenty of interesting news up in the morning.


Tregonsee said...

Yes Anne+, airline travel is really the safest way to travel. Perhaps not the most pleasant, especially post 9/11, but the safest. Statistically, you are far greater danger driving to the airport, or church, or the pizza parlor. If it were not, being the devout coward that I am, I would not have spent 36 years as a pilot.


PS. On the other hand, you don't need to explain to a pilot why the first thing the Pope does when he gets off Papa One is kiss the ground. :)

Anne Kennedy said...

Thank you for the reassurance. I say these sorts of statistical things over to myself in moments of doubt and worry and sometimes it helps. I never worry about it in the morning, always in the dark of the night before. It doesn't help that I grew up in Mali where the national airline, I think it was called MaliMag or something like that, had crashes on a regular basis, as a matter of course. Of course, cars crashed horribly all the time as well, and trucks with mountains of cargo and sheep and chickens tied to them careening at brake kneck speed all over the place.
I'm with the pope, I will kiss the ground when I arrive safely, at least in spirit.

Joyce Carlson said...

The airline in Mali was NOT called MaliMag!! That was a shop on the main road heading for the river that certain ex-pats called "Banana Bridge Road". However, Air Maybe, as some people called the airline, didn't have a great safety record. Luckily, everything went as planned the one or two times I flew to Timbuctoo and Gao. It was an old Russian plane I think, with a couple of Russian pilots. It was sort of like a flying bus, and when it landed here and there, the passengers would all get off and look around for something like a bathroom and buy peanuts and grilled meat skewered on sticks to tide them over till they got to wherever they hoped they were going. I guess some form of airline is still flying. Haven't tried it lately.