Monday, September 03, 2007

a change of plans

We've been trying to clean this wretched house all day. Its been hot, and we had to go out and get groceries (blessings of blessings, Matt pushed the cart all over the store and got everything while I leaned on it and wondered whether the baby was just going to drop out of me or not), and we're tired as we always are on Mondays, and well, we just haven't been able to pick up and clean.

And then, around 4 pm, just when we thought we might really get up and do it, we went instead to pray for a beloved friend and parishioner who is facing a serious surgery tomorrow morning and to bring him communion and just hang out for a bit. We prayed and talked and got to see his wife and baby and just be there. And then we got back in the car and realized that there are a lot more important things than a clean house. And that rather than going home and cleaning we should go and pray some more and talk to our kids and pray some more, and if we go through the week with a messy house, well, so what.

I hope you will join us in prayer tonight for this man, our friend, his family, his wife and baby and for our whole church. God is good. He will make all things well. We pray this tonight, with our whole heart and soul.


Frair John said...

I've been praying all week.
We mentioned him at Mass last night, and I was wondering if there is any news.

Geri said...

Anne, in 30 years the kids won't remember whether or not you had the cleanest toilet in town. They will remember that you had time to pray with them and play with them. Your priorities are in the right place.

Anne Kennedy said...

Thank You! Friar John, for praying. He came through the surgery safely and is getting to go home today. The surgery went beautifully and he responded well, and he's doing great. Thank you so much!
Sorry about all the exclamation points. I'm just so relieved.