Saturday, September 01, 2007

HAPPY Birthday!

I want to wish my dad a very Happy Birthday today. I think he's still gallavanting around Europe with my mom, getting in some nice holiday before school starts in Nairobe in a few days. I've been reflecting all day on what, if anything, my father has taught me and have concluded that 1. he has taught me a whole lot and 2. the most important of which is to try always and in everything to have as good a time as possible. So I hope he is having a very good time today, and I also miss him very much and wish he would opt for a good time, cut class, and come back to Binghamton with my mom. Happy Birthday!

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Joyce Carlson said...

You are right. We're still gallivanting until tomorrow, and then WORK WORK WORK. Like this hasn't been work?
Walked through rain and wind in Friesland yesterday, just for exercise, and nearly froze to death.
xoxoxo ME (your mother)