Friday, September 28, 2007


We forgot and we feel terrible and we love you very much!
Here is a picture from E and one from A wishing you Happy Birthday!

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Mom, Shawn, Mimi said...

Please don't worry about my birthday. Y'all were busier than I can even imagine at that time. I should be trying to foget my birthdays at this time (61) but as I have said before in this blog, I am the guilty party who created birthday monsters out of my children....we always celebrated birthdays in a grand manner (I can blame MY mom for that!) and I did so on my birthday. My friends all took me to lunch and my wonderful husband took me to dinner where I splurged on cheesecake. Megan has even promised cake when I come up there next time! Now I have these beautiful pictures from Emma and Aedan. I hope they willl save them for me when I get there so I can take them home and hang them on my refrigerator to remember them everytime I see the pictures. What a blessing I have in my family, the best gift of all. Thankyou.