Monday, September 17, 2007

Catechesis and its Arrangements One

Here, as promised, are pictures of my atriums. This is the Level One Atrium. I used to have my Level Two in this room. We had a minimal amount of materials and mostly borrowed from Level One and also shared work space with them. But now I am doing two groups in the larger space, so the little ones are in this tiny postage stamp room. However, it has a lot of light and is very serene. Pictures of Level Two will be in another post above.


Christie said...

Great job. I wish we had dedicated rooms. Did sort of a prayer table orientation yesterday. We only have 50 minutes and have to put up and take down each session. But, that's okay because I think the kids will like it. Will be interested when we do the Good Shepherd. I have a 4 year old, 2 5's and a 7 all girls. It is for our 11 o'clock service. Most of the kids go to the 9 am.

So, I am jealous!

Anne Kennedy said...

Do you think, over time, that you'll ever get to have a dedicated space? I've heard stories about starting with something temporary and having the response be so great you end up with lots of room and lots of kids. We won't ever have lots of room in our present location, but we're starting to have kids--slowly, slowly.