Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pizza, then later the House of Bishops

Pizza for Supper, I should have taken a picture.

I made one regular pizza dough (Joy of Cooking Basic Pizza Dough) with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni—not something I would usually do, but we were cooking for people in the church. And then for us I substituted one cup white flour for whole wheat and, having run out of tomato sauce made a béchamel with the left over cheese and topped it with feta, basil, fresh thyme, some of the rest of the pepperoni and a little bit of cheddar. My main fault was getting tired and using all the whole wheat dough on one pizza. Should have done two, but other than that it was (I thought) delicious. My mother keeps insisting its not really pizza with a béchamel instead of tomato but I’m sure someone in Italy, at some moment in time has done what I just did, surely (even though I’m not Italian at all).

Managed also to move baby out of the nursery in with the other two kids by entirely taking apart the crib and putting it back together. They’re all in there together shouting happily. Hope they decide to sleep. This allows me a dedicated nursery for the next baby to scream it out in, when that auspicious moment arrives.

So now, I’m sitting here trying to decide whether to go to bed (its 8 o’clock and would really be a good idea) or whether to read more comments on Stand Firm, or start work on this Sunday’s bulletin, or keep shoving things in cupboards, or read some sort of news or politics online.

It occurs to me that no amount of reading or speculating quietly to myself will have any impact on the House of Bishops Meeting next week. None. What a depressing thought. I could pray about it.


Jill C. said...

I hope you went to bed. There are enough of us reading the blogs and getting depressed, anxious, or angry. Be at peace and prepare for next month. Everything else will take care of itself. God is still in control. :)

Joyce Carlson said...

I'm not saying that the Italians would never put a béchamel on a pizza. Heaven knows they put everything else on it. And in France to my amazement I once accidently ordered a tiny pizza with spinach and a raw egg. However, to me the quinessential pizza has a tomato sauce on it, and no tuna fish (God help it). The worst idea of the pizza is to be found in the kitchens of some of Brits I know, who use cheap tinned tuna and serve it up with a side order of soggy "chips" (fries).
Nevermind. If the Anglican Communion comes apart on the basis of who knows how to cook best, while the Brits know how to do some things very well, they should not be allowed to eat pizza with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Ha! British pizza .... :P

Oh, btw, at long last we have the 'net back! Huzzah!! :-D