Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Down to Weekly Dr.'s Appointments

Baby transverse and stubborn. Only has a few weeks to turn. Please pray.


eulogos said...

One piece of advice I have heard is to spend as much time as possible in the (ridiculous looking and feeling) knee chest position; that is, to get your uterus as upside down as possible. Supposed to loosen things up to turn breeches so I suppose it might work for transverse lie also.

Some doctors will do an external version, pushing the baby around with their hands from the outside, slowly, while listening with a stethoscope or doptone to make sure there is no fall in the baby's heartbeat while they do it.The reason they listen of course is that there can be a reason the baby is in that position, including a short tight cord or one wrapped about one or several parts of the baby.

Some women have even done this themselves. I did it with my second one at about 7 1/2 months, after she had been stubbornly transverse lie for several weeks. But at that point there is a little bit more room to turn. And see above for why this can be dangerous.

You do mean transverse lie, don't you, in which the baby is sideways across the uterus? In which there is, as the old books say, no natural mechanism for delivery.

Or do you just mean transverse position of the head? Which is deliverable but a longer harder push?

Either way, spending some time on the floor leaning on your elbows close to the ground with your butt up in the air (knee chest position) can't hurt, and can give the baby room to move.

And pray, of course.
Will be gone this weekend to homecoming at my college.
See you the week after.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I second the recommendation of the knee chest position. Giving baby more room might encourage her to move a bit.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother - who had 20 pregnancies and 22 babies and was the neighborhood midwife - always said to wash the pantry floor daily the last month of pregnancy.

By that she meant what she did - on her hands and knees with a scrub brush in a small, confined area.

Later, in Lamaze Class, I learned this as the "Pelvic Tilt" which came highly recommended in the last month of pregnancy as a way to avoid breach and transverse lie.

Our grandmothers were very, very wise in the ways of the human body.

Do what you feel best for you and your family and know that you are in the prayers of many as you come closer to bringing a new soul into the world.

Anne Kennedy said...

Thank you all, so much, for the advice. My mother has pointed out to me that several of my floors need a serious scrubbing, and, since I am having a difficult time figuring out the exact elbow/knee/tummy angle, I am going to go and scrub them, just as soon as I finish the bulletin and get my Sunday School lesson sorted out. And then I might have a good go at one of the floors at church. I much prefer some scrubbing to what I think they will do if I go into the hospital-hook me up to various machines and try to push the baby round. Of course, that also is preferable to a C-Section. Just goes to show you that one can always keep learning.