Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm cleaning out my cupboards. I'm sickened by the amount of stuff we've managed to jam into this house in a short 5 years. We have so much furniture you can barely walk through the house, and every closet and cupboard is jammed. I have three enormous bags of paper I'm throwing, and there are bags and bags of clothes I want to get rid of, and really, I'm ready to start putting the furniture out on the curb to be taken on garbage day.

There are all kinds of spiritual conclusions I could draw from this, and I invite you to go ahead and draw them.

I am going to have a cup of hot milk and go to bed. Perhaps in the morning all this stuff will look different and I will long to keep it all.


Anonymous said...

Anne, Your posts are such a delicious treat-I chuckle with self-recognition too many days. My children are just hitting their teenage years and it's not all that different from when they were the age of yours, days of wild highs and lows, utter embarrasment, and awe that God could have blessed me so. Anne, you and Matt and your wonderful family are in my prayers. You are an inspiration and a beacon of normalcy in this crazy world. Stay strong and know that you are lifted up by many many people. Blessings, Mary

Kerry said...

Hi Anne! Last year my husband and I got it in our blood that it was time to move. We were going to find a house out in the country with lots of land for our kids to roam. As we prepared our house to sell, we cleared out tons of clutter, excess furniture, nicknacks, etc. The house looked GREAT and felt GREAT.

Well, after an arduous search resulting in nothing acceptable nor affordable for us, we decided to stay put. We unloaded the storage unit that held all the junk we'd cleared out. Some of it did come back in the house, but most of it is still out in my garage because I DON'T WANT IT BACK IN!

It is a physical, emotional and spiritual release to clear out the clutter! :)

Thanks for your honest and fun posts. I enjoy them so much!

Anonymous said...

Save it for the rummage sale coming up. It will go to someone who needs what you do not want any more. Think of it as recycling. C.....

Anonymous said...

We have been doing a similar post-move clear out here, :)