Thursday, May 31, 2007

burning up

Its unpleasantly hot, for me. The kids are happily outside making mud pies but I can't go out with them because I will probably faint. And I'm trying to think of something for supper that will involve as of the stove as possible. I guess I will reheat Matt's BBQ chicken from last night, and put it in tortillas....

Never mind, it seems that Matt has eaten the chicken out from under my nose. Maybe the children don't really feel like food tonight. Or maybe they could just eat cookies. Wow its hot, even the keyboard is hot. This is going to be a long wretched summer.

Watermellon! That's it! They will have watermellon for supper, and I will eat butter, straight out of the package. And I don't want to hear any lecturing from any of you people who have it together. I'm only accepting comments from the totally disfunctional.

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Carrie said...

I wilt in the humidity, and it sucks my energy and will to initiate anything. I sat on my couch last night, aware of the responsibilities swirling around me, personal and professional, and willfully chose escapism in the form of a dvd. I am so glad you are only accepting posts from dysfunctional people today.