Tuesday, May 22, 2007

odds and ends

I have a quiet moment as the kids are out in the back, enjoying the sun. We went and had an interview with the school we are considering for them for next year. Its a Baptist school, which carries all kinds of interesting thoughts for me, having grown up in some such environment. But I was impressed with the PreK and Kindergarten and people seem generally friendly. Aedan will have to be tested for PreK this week. I go into this with the firm conviction that I have not given up on my dream of a classical education for my kids, either at home or in a school, but that it is merely on hold for the time being. The main thing is for them to all learn to read and for me to have this next baby in safety and relative sanity.

But in between cutting hair, bathing, long lectures about not getting clothes dirty (all time for above mentioned interview) have been glued to Stand Firm and the news about who will and who will not be attending Lambeth. I wonder what all this looks like from God's perspective. I mean, it has to seem ridiculous. Ridiculous, but, I think, nevertheless worth all the hassle and heartbreak and anxiety and fuss. Not so that we humans can decide who's in and who's out, who gets to come to the party and who doesn't. But rather, that given the opportunity to stand up and say 'I believe in God and in Jesus Christ and in Scripture' and I'm willing to stake everything on it, even an invitation to Lambeth, that the oppotunity can be siezed upon with vigor and resolve.

I must say, I feel more sorry for VG Robinson this afternoon than for Bishop Minns. Minns has work to do, purpose and focus and ministry and he's in the battle for the long haul. Robinson, however, I think from all I've seen, would really like this invitation as an affirmation of who he is and what he's about. And the news that there will be no invitation is probably a personal blow. I hope he will be able to bear up under his afflictions.

And now, I am going to take one of those nice headache pills prescribed by my doctor and think about what Matt would like for supper.

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