Saturday, May 12, 2007

a little something

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, in case any of you hadn't noticed. I would like to wish my own Mother, sometimes commenter on this blog,
A Big Huge Happy Mother's Day!
These flowers are for you

I hope you have a lovely day.

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Joyce Carlson said...

It's me your mother again. THANK YOU!!! This is the first I've seen your week-end postings, and I greet you very much for the flowers. It was an awful week-end around here, and the first I knew it was Mother's Day was when we got out of the 8 a.m. service at St. Francis (after having most of the music I was ready to hammer out of the despicable Hammond Organ rearranged by a choir from St. Stephens who inflicted stuff like "dem bone, dem bone, dem dry bone" on a small, bewildered congregation. After the 8 a.m. and a meager breakfast, we were driving past throngs at Nairobi Chapel and noticed taht all the people who could be construed as mothers were being handed roses. We were on our way at that point to the Coptic Hospital to visit a friend who seriously looks like he's at death's door for no reason that has yet been made clear to us, but he has wasted away to nothing in a few short weeks, and was getting a very fast infusion of blood when we arrived -- his family clustering around in a hopeful way but ??? who knows what is going on with him.
And the reason I didn't get flowers from your incredibly wonderful father for Mother's Day is because 1. he didn't know any more than I did that it was Mother's Day and 2. we are completely broke since someone else smacked the car we're leasing into a tree while strangely accelerating at white heat in reverse out of our driveway. And besides all that, the internet was down all week-end. So it's been a week-end from somewhere near hell when all these miseries are totalled up. HOWEVER, on Saturday night we got to see Lynell Zogbo who was here from Ivory Coast, and several other people from West Africa, all of whom were here for three different conferences. And can you believe it -- with three conferences going on and so many people we know traveling, NOT ONE actually got on the Kenya Air flight from Abidjan to Douala to Nairobi -- the one that crashed in a swamp in Cameroun a week and a half ago. They could all have been on that flight, and for one reason here and one reason there, none of them were. But the 114 people who did take that flight, there are at least 114 families in woe, shock and grief, and Lynell knew one of them. Such a long note for a blog, but I send you love,
x0x0x0 ME