Friday, May 18, 2007

Adult Content Calvanism

Matt told me he wanted to name the new baby Calvin, if its a boy.
'Really?' I said,'So you want me to never be in the presence of my family without them laughing at me behind my back?'
'Yes' he said.
Let it just be known that I'm a closeted Calvinist and unwilling to debate or argue or defend my position in anyway.
So, in honor of Matt's desire for our unborn child, here is an offering that has been making the rounds on various blogs.
And, lest any of you worry, I have by no means agreed to name the baby Calvin. But if any of you want to insure against that possible outcome, you can start praying fervently for a girl, NOW.

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Anonymous said...

That is, I must admit, hysterical. Way to go Micah!