Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Odds and Ends

Its a Saturday evening. And, as was yesterday, and the day before, it is very hot. Sultry. Just resign yourselves, I'm going to be providing exhaustive weather reports as the weather gets hotter. Was appalled to run into someone who felt that the temperature was 'just right'. There's no accounting for taste.

I'm going to try and get up and go pull some weeds in the front. And then try and finish a sermon for tomorrow. Matt and I both have to preach, him in one place, and me in another. If both our sermons are fabulous, I will post them. Matt is preaching on verse 2 of Acts 2 (he covered verse 1 last week), and I am going to muddle my way through the Trinity.

And just a couple thoughts from Emma:
"Aedan, that's not true. That's not my trueff."
My relativism radar flew up. But I think she meant to say that Aedan was not telling the truth and she was. Still, an interesting way to put it.

And then, in the store, trying on a swimsuit, yelling, as it were,
"Did God make this swimsuit to fit little girls?"
Me, whispering, "yes, and so did the manufacturer."
Emma, yelling, "WHY?"
Me, whispering, "because if it fits you, you'll buy it, and they'll make money."
Emma, yelling, "God?"
Me, whispering, "No, the manufacturer."
Emma, "Oh."

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