Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Matt announced at Morning Prayer that the Kennedy household was experiencing "Technical Difficulties" and everything would be helter skelter for the rest of the day as a result. That was really to put it mildly. After a full weekend of Rubbage/Chicken BBQ/Church/Christian Life and Witness Course hosting/writing/reviewing and other odd jobs, he woke up this morning to find our wireless hookup in the house on the blitz, three babies with colds and a lot of other annoying glitches to his morning routine. Not being able to get on the internet is like, well, really, its what we all imagine eternal separation from God to be like, isn't it?

I staggared out of bed hours later and sat in my regular stupor in front of my computer and clicked connect over and over before I remmebered (how Biblical is that) Matt shouting in my ear on his way out the door "The router is broken! I'm late! You won't be able to get online!" I really didn't know what to do with myself or how to wake up. I ended up making a vat cream of wheat and trying to read the Bible of all things. I read of Solomon's downfall, having so many women and all their gods and thought how stupid of him, not to pay attention to God. And then was embarrassed, of course. Imagine not being able to wake up without being online for at least an hour (usually more).

Overall in a bad mood having dreamt that I gave birth to twin boys. Tried to ellicit names from the children for the new baby. Boy names.
'Let's name him flower' said Emma.
'Let's name him Rowan' said Aedan
'Why don't I have beautiful middle names like Aeadn and Rowan?' asked Emma.
'You do have beautiful middle names'
'No I don't. What are my middle names?'
'Anne and Margaret for three of your great grandmothers.'
'Oh, well, let's name the baby Flower.'
'We're not naming the baby Flower and that's final. Go play.'

So now that I'm finally back online and the children are playing, I'm trying to catch up on French election gossip and Stand Firm (highly recommend Matt's article from today, or yesterday, or whenever it was) and dishes.

Interruption: A very nice person has come by to help me set up my scroll saw so I will have to get back to this later.


Christie said...

Aha! May I ask what Presentations you are going to make with your scroll saw. All good catechists end up with a scroll saw. Alas, due to my total left brained ability, I never bought one.

Good luck, and please, do your sawing in the late afternoon and not in the morning!


Anne Kennedy said...

That's a very good point. I wouldn't have been that organized, but I think I will always stay away from the saw in the morning.

I don't have any particular presentation in mind, although I am going to desperately cut out bases for my wise and foolish virgins before Sunday. I am surprised at myself for having such a saw, but after spending 45 minutes on Sunday morning trying to cover up some bright red stains on Emma's white Sunday dress with some wretchedly sewn "flowers", I think wood working is definitly more my style.

I'll try to remember to take pictures of my first saw endeavor.

Anonymous said...

I love the suggestion of 'Flower,' I can't even begin to imagine it. Flower Kennedy? Why yes, I am a hippie child. ;) What about Meyrick? Or Sinclair? Skyler? Cuthbert! Deven? Osbert? Right, now I'm just using this as an excuse not to write my papers.