Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Saturday Procrastinations

Ok, I should always do my homework before post. A brief glance at Wikapedia shows that Sarkozy is either married or not married, having been divorced at least one time. I can only count up three children in the article but I could have sworn there were a lot more children like people milling around the inauguration. So obviously he wouldn't have his wife/non-wife driving around with him if he is not married to her. And if should be noted that Chirac left the Elycee palace alone.

Which just goes to show you that the French couldn't run for President of America, with the candidtates falling all over themselves to show their value of family by having family in tow.

All this would lead me to believe that women in America gain a good deal more power, in matrimony, than French women. An American woman expects to be the equal of her husband and has to work hard and be reminded often to 'submit'. But really, I should not be thinking about this. I have got to write a sermon (talk about equality in marriage).

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The young fogey said...

What I heard in a radio report is M. and Madame Sarkozy are still married but estranged; she was his political right-hand person until the estrangement (which I think was over an affair he had).