Saturday, May 05, 2007

Get Up! Get Dressed!

We're off to church for the day. The ECW is doing a rummage sale and the men are doing a chicken BBQ.For my feelings about rummage, sift through the archives of this blog.

Of course, of course, I woke up with a splitting headache. I know my doctor said its probably hormonal/pregnancy related, but I have paid special attention this week and the days I had a headache where Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the three days I had to go to church. Tuesday and Thursday, when I was home quietly with the kids fending off their hysteria and screaming, I was headache free.

Many years ago, in boarding school, I used to get an awful headache every Sunday. It would begin when I woke up, last through the morning service, the awful 'formal family lunch' in the dining room, through siesta and all the way until the end of 'singsperation', the evening service, after which it would abruptly end. It did occur to me, Sunday after Sunday, that maybe God was using the headaches as a way of calling me to be an atheist. But there are so contradictions in that thought that I never carried through.

This morning I thought maybe God was calling me to avoid Rummage at all costs, but there's nothing in scripture about avoiding adversity, so I will pack up my kids and my headache and take several more Tylenol and be on my way. And God help me if anyone tries to sell me Rummage. Or rather, God help them.


Anonymous said...

maybe God was using the headaches as a way of calling me to be an atheist.

That is such a brilliant line. :D

Lauren said...

I remember that Sunday sick feeling! However, I didn't get headaches, I just felt really ill to my stomach all day. (A large part had to do with Sunday lunch, I'm sure — my least favourite meal at ICA.)