Thursday, May 03, 2007


I've been searching around online to see if I could find video of the French presidential debate from yesterday and haven't had any luck. I managed to see the much publicized clip of Royale getting steamed up about handicapped children being integrated into regular schools. I think I'll keep searching because it was a great exchange. I wish Americans could have as much verbal fabulousness as French people are allowed to have. The commentary on Brit tonight was very good. I imagine the Corner on NRO will have it posted tomorrow. It is true that women, for whatever reason, have greater hurdles to jump in french politics than in America or even in the rest of Western Europe. I don't know why this is, other than that French women have to be gorgeous and thin, whereas in England they're allowed to be frumpy and in Spain they're allowed to be full bodied and glorious. This is a crass generalization, based on no stats or facts whatsoever.

Anyway, based on politics and not gender (I promise) I really hope Sarkozy wins because, beautiful though she is, Segoline Royale will just make a bad situation worse.


Judith L said...

Anne, try

You'll know you've pulled up the right spot when you see Che G--with Mickey Mouse ears on.

If he doesn't link all of the debate, he links quite a bit

Carrie said...

You have said many smart things and are talking about world politics, and as thinker, global citizen and strong woman, I feel I should comment...but quite honestly, the first thought I had was, "Oh! I want to be full-bodied and glorious! If I lived in Spain I would drink red wine and strong dark coffee and I would go dancing every night!" I'll pay attention to French politics tomorrow.

Anne Kennedy said...

Judith, thank you so much for the website! How helpful. Matt will be so bored tonight while I watch it (just kidding, I'm sure he'll be on Stand Firm). Many thanks

Anne Kennedy said...

I did think (in general) that Spanish women were glorious and beautiful and happy, due at least in part to being allowed to eat a lot of fried food, whereas French women are allowed to cook nice things, but only to taste them.

Judith L said...

No-pasaran is quoting polls giving Sarko the election in France. Announcement is supposed to be in two hours.

Judith L said...

Hi again, Anne,

For great reporting on the French election in English, check out Nidra Poller's reports on