Thursday, August 11, 2011

Online At Last

Trying not to binge on the internet after being offline since we arrived in Corpus on Tuesday. Not that I was up to anything like reading or swallowing or anything, being that I came down with strep again. The very nice barking doctor in San Antonio told me to have my tonsils out. Sounds reasonable, frankly, after being sick this much.

But I'm much better, so we will go out in celebration of being married 10 years today. How time does fly, as someone or other said. Six babies in ten years isn't too shabby. Nor having a pretty good job. Not to mention having a thoroughly uncomplicated and happy marriage. Been contemplating all week how easy married life has been. All the foul predictions of stress and bad communication and unhappiness culminating in divorce and general ghastliness have never materialized. I'm really grateful to have things so beautiful and easy. And also, "for there always being an eye to catch" (badly quoted from Mrs. Miniver whom I do not have on hand).


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Many, many more!!!

-Katie in Georgia

Cristan said...

Happy Anniversary a bit belatedly. :) Six kids in ten years is not too shabby at all. You and my mom could probably have some very entertaining conversations at this point. :) Glad you're feeling better.