Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Men in a Boat, plus six children and a lady

 We went fishing today in the ocean. Well, it was a lagoon attached the ocean. Alouicious wanted to know if it was possible to drain the ocean and where the water could go. I told him to hang on and try to work it out in his own mind. Death by a thousand questions. That's going to be the way I go.
 We did have hats but they couldn't wear them while the boat was hurtling forward through the water because they blew off. But every time we stopped to fish, we put on the hats. And more sunscreen.
 They were having a good time. We only have one style of taking pictures--glaring into the camera.
 I was sea sick. But I kept myself together and concentrated on the horizon and tried to work out whether we were in a roughly comparable sized space as the Sea of Galilee. In this way I was able never to throw up.
 Marigold desired very much to walk off the side of the boat into the sea. She was angry all the time with short breaks when she had peanut butter cracker in her mouth.
 Elphine caught the first fish. We had to throw all the fish back because they were too small (May the Almighty be Praised).

 Alouicious caught a cat fish and some other kind of fish. He was very pleased with himself.
Romulus left with the mistaken impression that he had caught a lot of shrimp. As he was perfectly satisfied with this idea, no one disabused him of it and he was able to take a restful and refreshing nap in the bottom of the boat for part of the morning. How like Jesus he is.

Now we are regathering our strength by watching Word Girl and eating ice. Who knows what the morrow may bring?


Cristan said...

Love, love, love reading your blog, Anne. I still can't even believe you are the mother to SIX. You are amazing. Love and miss you. Look forward to reading about more adventures. :)

Anna said...

Please tell me you are also having hot tea in the afternoon, forcing your body to sweat in order to cool off. On the other hand, you probably don't have to even drink the hot tea. Hope you are loving the warm weather!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anne sweats she may perspire tho lol