Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Le Zoo

Let it not be said that we never do anything fun, because today we went to the ZOO!!!

I'm pretty sure they had a good time but they were so hot and whiny it was hard to tell.
Anyway, by the grace of God they had Cheetas, so we've all been able to see the fastest animal in the world. But now we need to find out what the most dangerous animal in the world is. And also  we saw an awake bear. So Romulus and Alouicious are basically satisfied with all reality has to offer. Elphine, on the other hand, spent the entire day working out how to plan the day she will finally have ten children. She figured out, as we looked at all the animals, that getting a tall fence would allow her to gate off the children who would be inclined to wreck what she had already cleaned. "Did you enjoy looking at the animals?" I asked at the end of the day.
"Sure" she said, "but I'm not sure my house will be big enough."
We don't all have to live in the present, I guess, whatever Brother Lawrence has to say about it.


Kat said...

The most dangerous animal is the mosquito (after humans, naturally) but the animal I generally hear credited with that status is the hippopotamus. This is where the internet fails because one person seems to have compiled a list that's been spread into several places, that lumps all bears, big cats, or venomous snakes together.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous animal is the horse fly, if you happen to be using something when it bits -- say a chainsaw.

Carrie said...

I hear the most dangerous land animal in Africa is a buffalo, but I can't imagine that would be super exciting to young children. (Kellie suggested that some believe Ife is the most dangerous land animal, but I don't think he is predatory.) Water -- hippo, because they are contrary about everything. But really, there are lots of things I would not want to run into, and I don't think I would stop to consider the relative danger merits of, say, a crocodile v. an anaconda if I were looking into the eyes of either.

lissla lissar said...

Yeah, I don't think I would be staring at an angry polar bear, saying triumphantly, "At least you aren't a blue-ringed octopus!" I don't think the comparison would be much comfort.

Also, in your last post you used the words, "wonderful 'heat' and 'humidity' together, and the sentence doesn't compute. I live in Canada and think it's too hot.