Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Traveling Mercies

Air Travel is just rotten in these modern times. Even when everybody is friendly and gracious and helpful and understanding and you're well prepared and as cheerful as possible, air travel is just rotten. It didn't used to be so. I remember in the bad old days being only worried about the fact that I had too much stuff to fit in my suitcase and that my ears were going to hurt. It used to be possible to walk reasonably through airport security up to your gate, or even for people to meet you at your gate, to be talked to by airline attendants as a human being and a customer...I don't really need to finish that sentence.

What impressed me this time was the fear in everybody's eyes--not because we were coming, but just in general. The TSA agent looked afraid when my five year old set off the alarm. The people around us looked afraid when we hit turbulence. Etc. Etc.

Anyway, we're really grateful to be here and starting to recover. I think its in the cards to go to the zoo today. The children are excited, but also totally limp in this awesome humid heat. They look out the window and whine when we tell them to go out, even into the shade.

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