Sunday, August 21, 2011

35 Things I'm grateful for as I turn 35 (tomorrow)

(Not In Order Of Importance)
1. That' I'm not turning 36 yet, only 35.
2. That I've convinced my children not to pretend to be in a band and perform rock music as a present.
3. My mom and dad
4. That for ten years I had a beautiful cat.
5. My big beautiful red living room rug.
6. Elphine
7. Alouicious
8. Romulus
9. Gladys
10. Marigold
11. The Baby (who still needs a blog name)
12. That we got a proper holiday this year.
13. Matt's parents.
14. The remarkably good sermon we heard this morning at The City Church.
15. That the little bit of garden we planted actually grew.
16. That Matt's foot healed all the way.
17. That child birth didn't kill me (yet).
18. That I got to grow up abroad and had so many interesting pets.
19. Jesus
20. That I know how to read.
21. That I got to go to Cornell and study fascinating and useless things.
22. That I'm exactly as tall as I am and that my feet haven't spread to much (yet).
23. That we can work in and live next to the church.
24. That the church is increasingly full of fascinating and gospel driven people.
25. My pediatrician.
26. My OB doctor.
27. This amazing fountain here in Corpus that the children can actually go in.
28. That my girls have such beautiful clothes and hair and they let me put stuff in it.
29. That my boys are next to each other in birth so as to fend off their sisters.
30. My beautiful new Kindle
31. Matt
32. Matt
33. Matt
34. Matt
35. Matt


Susanne said...

All wonderful things! Happy (early) 35th birthday!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

and happy year

CT reader